3 comments on “JOE SATRIANI’s ‘Satchurated’ Soundtrack To Be Made Available In April

  1. My son is one of Joe’s biggest fans. In fact, he learned to play guitar after hearing Joe’s music.

    However, he has a problem in one eye which makes “3D” useless to him.

    I have been unable to find any theatres that are not showing it in 2D. Does anyone have a list?

  2. I saw it last night, our theater only offered one showing on two different dates in 3D. I took the glasses off a few times just to see what it looked like and it was very fuzzy without them. The music was incredible however, and if he’s a big fan he’ll probably enjoy the show immensely anyway. You may want to contact your local theater and see if they won’t make a concession for your son, particularly if sales are weak leading up to the showing. 3D didn’t really make a huge impact on the overall show. Mostly just dudes throwing up two finger devil horns in your face during crowd shots.

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