METAL SHOCK FINLAND offers different options for advertising on the website depending on the client’s needs. An ad campaign can begin immediately once the ad banner is created and approved by the client. We offer advertising space on the site homepage (limited) and recommended page and also a few special packages.


Advertisement Rates and Policies:

  • We do not claim that we are the best, but we believe we are a good option.
  • All ad space sold on a month to month basis. NO Yearly Contracts Available At This Time.
  • Artwork must be provided to the exact size of any ad size listed below which are true to size in terms of pixel width and height.
  • The ad designs must be in following formats: GIF, JPEG, JPG, BMP and PNG.
  • Ad banner designs available for a minimal fee. Ask Mohsen for details.
  • Ad running time begins Midnight, or sooner on any given day until ad time expires thereafter.
  • Payment accepted online using the MSF PayPal account.
  • Ad design or URL can be switched twice a week, a small fee is charged after the second switch.
  • MSF holds the right to refuse any ad or company in which we choose not to associate with.
  • The sizes shown below are for demonstration purposes only, actual sizes of the adverts paid for will be according to the package chosen.
300x150 pxl

300×150 pxl (Small)
Cost: 35 € per month

300x300 pxl

300×300 pxl (Medium)
Cost: 60 € per month

300x450 pxl

300×450 pxl (Large)
Cost: 90 € per month

We also have some special offers for you, for more information and our price list please contact us.