2 comments on “SKID ROW Co-Founder Doesn’t Understand How American Group Ended Up Using His Band’s Name

  1. Bach’s Skid Row belong to its name which comes from ‘la strada’,i understood the copyright was accepted by Moore.

  2. Metal core asked vampy songstress and deposed princess,Nymphaea Lavina to share her thoughts on Skid Row and Shiels unusual offer to Baz,here are her words,.”To recapitulate the Skid Row break up,in my opinion of Bachs former band not to of agreed to open for Kiss,is unforgivable,that band means something to Sebastian,and i remember him talking to me about this in beverly hills one night,then you know,all of a sudden he himself, was no longer in his own rightfull band so everything seemed indecorous,+pretty hard slung somehow. Though his solo band are meritorious,enticing one to want to crank the volume up to+for both heaven and hell, Sebastian should at least ponder the notion of conversing in an open conversation with ‘Brush’for a possible navigation merger,or present band collaboration.Sebastian Bach/Skid Row are synonomous,his TALISMANIC BANNER,and i do wish him to stand again before his SEAL with his indomitable presence. Nymphaea-lavina.

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