10 comments on “Exclusive Interview With Legendary “LIPS”, ANVIL: Glenn tried to make it difficult by leaving without proper notice but we’ve been preparing for this for quite sometime.

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  2. “In my opinion…metal needs good singing….cookie monster yelling is not singing!!”

    I’m from the same demographic as Lips Kudlow and for sure his statement is true. Cookie monster yelling has a very limited time and place unfortunately it has become to much a standard making Heavy Metal sound generic removing artistic integrity.

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  4. Cool interview ! i really enjoyed
    Lips is an alive Legend and a great man indeed ! it’s good to see that anvil is still rocking !

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  9. Former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach,possibly had a hidden very first wife Lavina,prior to his wife Maria,its common knowledge amongst Rock Royalty the two knew of each other,sometimes rows occured,.Sebastian initially met Lavina in1987-88,having seen her at Niagra Falls entering America as he was leaving,it is said he proposed within six minutes and canadian border issued documents,but she had a habit of dissapearing,Sebastian never knew her whereabouts sometimes ,obviously began with Maria. Lavina who was sometimes in goth 80’s band Gene loves jezebel with hits like Screaming/Desire/Bruises,can be seen in the original Bruises you tube video,her hair this time dyed Goth No1 black.Skid-Row made use of her for their 2nd album,Slave to the Grind which was the first ever metal album to enter the Billboard charts as no 1 position for seven weeks,she lent her siren-like screams to Monkey Business/Quicksand Jesus and two other tracks.The sensual starlet was brought up between the Rolling Stones/led Zeppelin.

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