4 comments on “Review: ACCEPT “Stalingrad” (2012)

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  2. “…the magic of what Accept can do…” Yes, that is a great way to put it. I can’t imagine any Accept fan, or fan of metal, for that matter, not devouring “Stalingrad” like a hungry beast. This album delivers from start to finish. It was love at first listen for me–but just when I think I can’t, I love it even more with every listen. I hear more of a unity on this one in comparison to “Blood of the Nations”: Mark Tornillo sounds even more in his groove as lead vocalist and handles his position so well! His lyrics and the delivery of them are strong. Also, members Wolf, Peter, Stefan, and Hermann really step up and put forth a stellar effort that is as heavy as it is emotionally charged. It is THE album to have in your collection in 2012!!!!

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