3 comments on “Stefan Schwarzmann, Bob Katsionis,Tony Speakman And Marco Wriedt Talk About Ronnie James Dio

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  2. I was all of 12 years old when my father took me to see Rainbow. It was in July I remember that because it was hot as usual here in central Texas. It was all pretty last minute as my dad got tickets from some people who could not go so we drive from Austin to Houston and my oh my was that a good show, REO Speedwagon was good to buy Ronnie rocked. The whole band did, Powell, and Carey. Sorry but I do not recall who was on bass then. BTW, I aslo like Planet P and Planet P Project Tony Carey later did.
    In 1981 it was early summer and my friends and I went to San Antonio and saw Dio with Black Sabbath and again, simply an outstanding performance all around. We actually managed backstage passes by being up front and banging our heads silly. briefly met Dio and Tony but right off they were both polite and intelligent. Sadly but no pictures as back then cameras and recording devices were not permitted, pre cell phone times people. I did get their autographs on my ticket stub.
    I saw Black Sabbath before when I was in England, Ozzy was still with them and Van Halen opened and I must honestly say that I liked Dio better as a vocalist with the band. Sorry Ozzy, I still love you but it is what it is.
    Saw Dio with Dokken a couple years later, again in San Antonio.
    After awhile I managed to see a few more shows, Dehumanizer with Sabbath and it was rather sad, only a couple hundred peoplemaybe a thousand showed up but it was a good show. The show for Lock up the Wolves was not much better in turn out, maybe a few hundred people but the performance was outstanding as always.
    In 1999 I was in Europe and caught him at the Mind over Matter Festival, with of course Motorhead. A great event that was, what I recall of those 3 days as there was good beer, soooo much beer.
    I will miss the man and his music and wish I had gone to more shows that I did but am glad I went to the ones I did as I was always up front or very near the stage and he always seemed to make eye contact with everybody and that was just too cool.

    R.I.P my friend, until we meet on the other side.


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