One comment on “POWER THEORY Announces Addition Of Second Guitarist

  1. Hello POWER THEORY! Welcome Steve Stegg \,,/

    It is great to see a band stay true to their roots and keep producing the powerful metal we all hunger for.
    Power Theory delivers every time. Without Fail.
    You ‘re not only an inspiration for original metal artists, but TO ALL Artists.

    You have proven continuously, to all of us; when you love what you do, your passionate about sharing your creations together as a team, you make Killer Music.

    As you continue you unique musical journey, all fans for Power Theory KNOW you’ll deliver something More Electrifying than the last.
    With your pounding percussion and body enveloping bass paired with killer shredding on guitar and the vocals we all crave, For All that is Metal; I would like to say thank you, in representation of all your fans presently and the new ones to come.

    Every artist that hears your music cannot help but be affected by the Unique,yet mixed with precise powerful echoes that are threaded into your music. Is a reminder of all the Metal Gods of the past. Staples in every metal head’s favorites, worldwide.
    This makes you stand out and shine.
    You just get better each and every time.

    Thank you for keeping THE METAL ALIVE \,,/

    Your fan that shares a similar journey,
    The Metal Rÿche , Lynnie

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