6 comments on “IAN GILLAN: Rules Out Reunion With Ritchie Blackmore If DEEP PURPLE Is Elected To Rock Hall

  1. wuddn,t want ritchie to lower hiz standards again,,speccially for a singer who canna sing to hiz guitar,,,so in ure own words gillan ” ian go bile yer heed “

  2. Another bad decision. You get more than one song to play. And GILLAN, GLOVER, MORSE and AIREY are NOT the beginning and end of Deep Purple. There were people before them and people after them. Deep Purple would not be being nominated for the RRHoF if not for songs that were written/co-written by Ritchie. I don’t think Ritchie would have a problem playing on stage with Morse there. He has mellowed. I said it with KISS and I’ll say it with DP, get over your egos. Gene and Paul made a stupid mistake not playing with Peter & Ace, let’s not see that over again. Do you think the audience at the HoF is dying to hear “Hey Cisco” or “Smoke On The Water”? Which song do you think will get them in?
    If Ian didn’t have such a big ego, we all would have been able to hear another great Purple song “Burn” with Ian singing for all those reunion years. But Ian said no Mk III songs.
    And I also think Coverdale & Hughes should be included too to some degree.
    But that’s just me.

  3. I’ve been a fan of every incarnation of Deep Purple since they had their 1st U.S. hit with Hush. Gillan was not part of the band’s original success, nor their success in the Mark III version. Ritchie Blackmore has had far more of an influence on guitar players than Ian ever had on singers. In truth, I’d rather have Ritchie perform with D.P. one last time than for Ian Gillan to be there. But, that’s just me. In my opinion every single living member of that band should be included in the induction ceremony. (Although my all time favorite member, Jon Lord would only be there in spirit.)

  4. All former and current members have their merits and David coverdale was a great Causing Deep purple in Years 70 and Ritchie Blackmore not touch it would be unfair to why steve morse is just a very faint shadow if compare with Ritchie Blackmore it only touches the Ritchie Blackmore created!

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