One comment on “YNGWIE MALMSTEEN & Mascot Records Announce March 29 Global Release Date For Album “Blue Lightning”

  1. Yes, and good evening, to you. I was lost of words, when I listened to Forever One, Yngwie, I’m address this message to you, I have listened to most of your master pieces, and this song (Forever One) has my hair standing on end, and feeling a connection, even 1000s of miles away. Even when the lights are out and I lay alone, in the dark, this song, lives within my dreams . This by far, is the best material you have created.
    I as well wanted to drop you a line to say hello, to you and Jeff. I met you and him in 1991, Miami Fla at the Button South. I hope all is well with you my friend. I hope you are not to busy to drop a old friend , a line. 707 898 5133 , email ;
    Maybe when you are in CA on tour you can shoot me over some tickets and back stage tickets. Tell Jeff I said hi. Hope to hear from you soon, Much love Amy

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