One comment on “TOM ARAYA: Why DAVE LOMBARDO Is No Longer In SLAYER

  1. I think Dave was lucky to have been given a second, third and possibly fourth chance at being a part of slayer. He pulled shit in the beginning where he wanted to bring his girlfriend/wife on the road with him and the rest disagreed and he left. Then he came back and ditched again before their tour for reign in blood, then came back. Then finally left again for about 10 years, then was brought back for another 10 years. I wasn’t surprised when he vented on Facebook. It seems he also has loose lips and likes to vent his side, much like he did to metal forces magazine years ago. He vented things to them that should have been done in private with the rest of the members of the band, not in an interview. You can’t blame the interviewer for not printing what Dave said, it is his job. How much is a band expected to put up with? Fans should be more supportive instead of jumping on the Dave bandwagon like I saw a lot do. There are always 2 sides to every story!
    Honestly, I think Paul is an awesome drummer and can’t wait to see them live tomorrow in Seattle. It will also be exciting to see Gary again as well, who I think has been doing an awesome job! He is exciting to watch, energetic, and still shows much conviction for what he does and the fact that he is sitting in for a very missed Jeff. I am a diehard slayer fan and always will be, so whatever you guys decide to do, I will support. I will keep my fan club membership active, I will go to your shows, I will buy your merchandise and support!

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