7 comments on “Live Review: Ritchie Blackmore’s RAINBOW, Genting Arena, UK, 25/06/16; Video

  1. Alison Booth virtually spot on, i will add for me and i would think most that seen this show – A Night to Remember oh yes ..

  2. I agree with everything you said in your review, the only song i thought Romero was lacking a bit on was”Since you.ve been gone” but thats just my opinion, i was lucky enough to be in the 17th row to the right of the Stage, which was fine, but i think they should have had Screens for the peolple at the back of the venue. i just was so happy to see Blackmore back on a stage, playing Rock n Roll.

  3. The only criticism i have is there should have been screens. I could hear perfectly. And the lights and rainbow second to non. Its nice to see clearly interaction on stage. That said great show. Long live rock n roll. Long live rainbow!!

  4. Child in time I thought was bad not suiting Romeos voice at all, he made up for it on the rest of the concert. Soldier of fortune, stargazer, man on the silver mountain- new album please this is opportunity not to be missed

  5. I just sat at home here in Colorado USA waiting for the first videos to come through on Facebook and all were cell phone videos but being a Ritchie Blackmore fan since 1968. How I wish I could have been there !!! And Alison Booth if you have known Ritchie Blackmore for any length of time , since 1968 Ritchie ALWAYS even in Blackmores Night and all other bands he plants himself on the right side of the stage and very rarely ever crosses stage center. So if you want to see the man up close he will always be to the right side of the stage as you will see it from the audience. I just hope he had a great time and by the photos he did and maybe just maybe he might do a show or two in the states!!!

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