One comment on “BLACK SABBATH’s Geezer Butler On Saturday’s Birmingham Gig – “We’ll Be Donating To The Help For Heroes Charity”

  1. A message from one HUGE Sabbath Fan (me):

    Sabbath management: Removing Bill Ward’s image from old photos on the band’s website just looks bad. Take a new band group photo and be proud of the new lineup that’s going to be performing. Don’t hide from the fans. We lived with several different Sabbath lineups since Ozzy was fired. What’s the difference now?

    In my opinion, the band (minus Bill Ward) should NOT tour as “Black Sabbath” out of respect for him and the fans. This isn’t a full Sabbath reunion as was with the case of the Ronnie James Dio fronted Sabbath (aka “Heaven and Hell”) did from 2007-2009.

    I think that there were several mistakes that were made from the beginning that could have made this whole situation moot.

    First, Sabbath’s management botched it by getting everyone together for a photo-op BEFORE they had signed, sealed and delivered contracts from each band member.

    Second, if there were any problems with any member’s health or monetary issues, address them immediately. If they couldn’t be resolved, move on. Dragging it out made the whole thing worse.

    Finally, Sabbath’s public relations poorly handled the situation by not communicating effectively with the fans and let it get out of hand. By the time they rebranded the tour as “Ozzy & Friends”, the damage had already been done.

    C’mon guys! Let’s stop the bullshit and give the Sabbath fans what they want: ONE LAST HURRAH from the original lineup. Is that too much to ask?

    “Just sayin’!”

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